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Dec 022015

Are you looking for a condo unit to invest in? Well, look no further. Thomson Impressions is a condominium development located along Sing Ming Avenue. This development offers buyers like you plenty of advantages.
So, what are the benefits of investing in Short Distance to Many Amenities Thomson Impressions? What is in it for you?

If you invest in the condo development units along Sing Ming Avenue, you will be close to major amenities. These include Bishan Town Centre, Thomson Plaza, Lower Pierce Reservoir Park and the Singapore Island Country Club.
Other amenities are located right within the condo development. These include an indoor gym, a clubhouse, BBQ areas, a swimming pool and a children’s playground among other things. You will be able to spend time enjoying yourself and spending time with your loved ones, without taking to the road. We can spend sometime to visit on more details at condo facilities.

Many of these amenities are within a walking or short driving distance. You can access them whenever you feel like it. Your quality of life will be enhanced as a result.

Access to Good Schools

Are you worried about your children’s education? Here is the good news: you do not have to be. condo units are close to good schools.

Some of the schools that your children will have access to, include Kuo Chuan Presbyterian School and Ai Tong primary school among others. There are also international schools within the vicinity. These schools serve both the expatriate community and the locals interested in the international curriculum. You can enroll your kids in the international schools if you like.
With good schools nearby, your children will be able to enjoy living in a good neighbourhood without having to compromise on the quality of the education they receive. That’s a win-win situation, don’t you think?

Good Transportation Network

Thomson Impressions condominium is also located near good transportation networks. For one thing, the development is located along sing Ming Avenue, which makes access to major road networks quite easy and convenient.
It’s also worth noting that the new Bright Hill MRT will be located close to the development. There are also a number of arterial roads leading to and from the condominium units.
With a good transportation network right outside your home, you will be able to access the major business hubs. Your commutes will be relatively easy and trouble-free. You do not even have to worry about costly transportation costs. That’s good news, isn’t it?

Good Neighbourhood

Condominium developments the likes of Thomson Impressions are usually in high demand. Do you know why?
Such developments attract couples and young families looking for a good environment to raise kids. What this means is that by investing in the development, you will not only be buying a house but a home in a good neighbourhood. Your children will have plenty of friends to play with. You on the other hand, will be able to befriend parents like you who enjoy a friendly environment in which to raise their families.

A good home is worth its weight in gold. Thomson Impressions is always a good place to start because it offers plenty of benefits that may be hard to come by in other places. If nothing else, the home you buy in this development will be an investment that appreciates over time if you want to sell it in the future. Quite a win-win situation don’t you think?